Health & Safety Policies

HELPGB provides health & safety advisors working across the UK, HELPGB perform health & safety assessments and audit services to define personalised policies for your company. However, we do not re-invent the wheel for you, if your health & safety documentation is current and fit for purpose, we will not charge to do it again - that's not in our job description! All our consultants are approachable and friendly - they want to help you.
What outsourced Health & Safety support can we expect from HELP?

Working alongside your organisation, we offer a complete health & safety management package. From the initial audit to completion of all documentation necessary, we will provide your company with a qualified and professional health & safety co-ordinator to assist with the entire process and mentor your own delegated members of staff along the way to ensure that your risks are regularly monitored and your documentation is kept up to date.

As our client, whichever sector you operate in, we offer hands-on experience, assistance and service from the drafting of policies, to the completion of risk assessments and safe systems of work. We undertake regular health & safety audits to maintain your compliance with health & safety legislation so that you and your workforce are protected should an incident or accident happen that could lead to an injury.


  • Full appraisal of risks and report actions required to meet the requirements of the law
  • Production of health & safety policies and statements plus all risk assessments and updates
  • Unlimited professional advice on all health & safety issues
  • Assistance in keeping your employees and business safe
  • Tailored health and safety training courses to train your people effectively

Some providers will just simply supply you with templates to fill in yourselves and charge you a fortune for doing so - we do not believe this is the correct approach. We produce the risk assessments but also train your staff on how to use them, not just produce an unopened folder that sits in a Director's office. When health & safety goes wrong the implications can be horrendous both physically to the victim and jail sentences for the owner who did nothing to prevent the risk. Do not be another statistic or the subject of a negative press release - we can help you.

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