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A health and safety management audit or GAP Analysis is a detailed plan of where you are now and where you need to be in terms of a successful health and safety management system in your workplace, which will help you comply with legislation and provide a positive health and safety culture for your organisation and meet your health and safety objectives.
What is a GAP Analysis or Initial Audit?

A health and safety gap analysis covers:

  • Overview of clients’ operations, structure, existing safety systems etc
  • Review and evaluation of clients’ Safety Management Systems
  • Joint walkthrough of the client workplace to observe working practices
  • Audit report, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
What are the benefits?

A health and safety GAP Analysis or Initial Audit will provide a good starting point to achieving a robust health and safety management system, it helps set clear objectives for continuous improvement of the health and safety environment, reducing risk and protecting lives and reputation.

If we are implementing a robust safety management system, this is a key part of the ‘check’ stage – please find more information of the system here.

Okay – I say yes - what will happen next?

A highly qualified and experienced health & safety consultant will attend site to objectively review the current health and safety management system and identify any gaps. The consultant will provide an audit report, management plan and improvement strategy in order to continue to reduce overall risk and ensure that your management systems and procedures are effective.

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