About Clark Hunter

Health and Safety and HR are often intertwined and Clark often links between the two sides of the business. HELPGB always tries to go the extra mile for clients and set itself aside from call centre based businesses which offer general or generic advice, and as such we all take a pride in being different.

Clark says “the thing that really drives me is doing the right thing by the client. The whole basis of the business being 'Honest' sits really well with me. I have been working in and around health and safety for approaching 10 years and have specialised in SME focussed support - I am not impressed with corporate jargon, and as an SME ourselves, I understand that all businesses are slightly different. I like to get to know the clients individually. Prior to this I have worked in business development roles, which does give me a good commercial understanding, and is actually really helpful when dealing with health and safety issues, believe it or not!”.

Hobbies/Interests: For me it's 3 x G's - Guitar, Gym and (sometimes) Golf - the golf has had to take a back seat since we have had our 2 boys, and a round normally involves a pub rather than a golf course.